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Free online introduction to Mary Wolken’s “The Journey” and the B.A.R System training.


Take  "The Journey"'

Take “The Journey”‘

This is the first time Mary has opened her training in 43 years.

She is ready to help Super Achievers become Super Heroes and
harness their talents and skills to help themselves and our planet.

How?  Through her quick and easy systems Mary’s clients eliminate the frustration, nervous tension and pain acquired by overdoing, poor communication and old patterns while they relax.

Mary Wolken, PhD., a recovering Super Achiever, health practitioner who has learned the hard way how to relax, gain  focus and deeper perception for problem solving and speed healing using energy medicines, while recovering from a stress induced hamstring tear. This injury laid the foundation for the structural alignment work and the B.A.R. System, a unique proprietary process to instantly release stress, emotional and physical discomfort. Her in depth training is called The Journey based on her life long work in many dimensions of healing and communication work.
For the last 43 years Mary’s mission is to help Super Achievers become Super Heroes.
Eliminating frustration, nervous tension and pain quickly and easily.
Come join us .

Replay Bar System https://thehealthylivingcenter.com/free-audio-and-video-library/

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