How am I going to get through it?

Am I going to get through “it”?

Getting the support to recover

The issues of today are unique – recognizing the pressure and pain you feel is a first step in finding a solution and may even decrease your pain.

Anxiety or fear can interfere with your ability to function?

Are you living with any of these challenges?

  • sadness, anxiety, panic, or pain increasing?
  • distress that interferes with your living your life?
  •  physical or emotional pain that persists for months or longer?
  • trouble sleeping?
  •  Here is Jacob  describing how freeing getting rid of the old stresses and pain ”

    “Mary Wolken, PhD uses natural ways to reduce emotional pain and trauma This is amazing, I am sharing …and encourage everyone to consider…connecting with Mary, she is a healer extraordinaire, she is a conscientious healer and a servant to many! I am so grateful to call her my friend, my coaching client, my healer, and guide to unraveling all my bullshit on top of my pains.  Talk to her today.