Secret One – to calming the seasonal crazy energy

to Stay Afloat

Holidays for most are very stress filled times.

If you have health issues, traumatic events that have taken place around the holidays, the physical and emotional empact can cause overwhelm and choas in your life.

Here is one tip to keeping yourself afloat during the challenges of the days ahead.

  1. Practice a deep breathing technique**
  • Breathe in- to the slow deep count of 5. Breathe out to the slow deep count of 7. Hold your breath for a slow count of 9. Repeat 5 times.
  • It can help:
  • Decreases stress, increases calm.
  • Reduce chronic and acute pain.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to help detoxify the body).
  • Improves your ability to resist diseases.
  • Increases mental and physical energy.
  • It lowers blood pressure.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Improves your stress-relieving hormones so you can think calmly, sleep better and improving your life instead of taking drugs.

** Remember to check with your health practitioner if you have had any recent acute or have a long term breathing challenge.

How am I going to get through it?

Mary can help you through the Crises of 2020.

Am I going to get through “it”?

Getting the support to recover

The issues of today are unique – recognizing the pressure and pain you feel is a first step in finding a solution and may even decrease your pain.

Anxiety or fear can interfere with your ability to function?

Are you living with any of these challenges?

  • sadness, anxiety, panic, or pain increasing?
  • distress that interferes with your living your life?
  •  physical or emotional pain that persists for months or longer?
  • trouble sleeping?
  •  Here is Jacob  describing how freeing getting rid of the old stresses and pain ”

    “Mary Wolken, PhD uses natural ways to reduce emotional pain and trauma This is amazing, I am sharing …and encourage everyone to consider…connecting with Mary, she is a healer extraordinaire, she is a conscientious healer and a servant to many! I am so grateful to call her my friend, my coaching client, my healer, and guide to unraveling all my bullshit on top of my pains.  Talk to her today.

Rebuilding after trauma

We face many challenges throughout our lives some planned and others a surprise,

it’s how we overcome those challenges that shapes the success we achieve in life.  

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the scariest challenges we will face in our life. Whether it was a sudden death comes out of nowhere or from childhood trauma or an accident or group trauma, these overwhelming life-changing experiences must be gentle cared for – NOT IGNORED to heal.

I am no stranger to TBI’s after suffering an almost life-changing car accidents. I fought to overcome the challenges of that accident. Knowing the struggles, I would like to help you rebuild your “house” and supporting your families through the process. -Mary Wolken Ph.D. trauma specialist

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