Holiday Relief for Caregivers

Lose the holiday overload and bluesMy gift to you those that care for others   Reset the holiday stress. Ready to finally gently unwind some of the overload you are carrying. This is my gift to you. For more information or to be the first to create a joy-filled holiday this year. Comment below or email me to sign up or find out more.Let’s work together this special year to find more peace and health together! …

Healing begins in the heart

Open your heart as these children have to follow your passion.   What is healing? Healing happens when energy shifts. How does the shift happen?   Simply change how you are looking at the problem. Energy moves change. Change your perspective and your pain and life can reset what is stuck or painful. Try this and let me know what is happening.  Stay well and safe. Mary Wolken PhD 

Breathe to Relieve -Anxiety

If anxiety, overwhelm,  fear, or anger starts to amp up. Hold these two acupressure (Acu.) points at the same time and breathe deeply. Step 1 Place one hand palm side down right and thumb extended up from the bottom of the breast bone between your breasts. breast bone between your breasts. (Acu. point CV14).  Then place your other hand open with your thumb in your belly button and hand extended downward on the centerline of your …

Healing Sounds

Thanks to YouTube.   Beautiful sounds that help build your immune energy.

A Gentle daily nudge to reduce “cabin fever” #2 using sound

Sound waves are an effective way to gently reduce the stressors in and around you. The sound instantly affects the physical energies of the area it is played in to. Overtime when soothing sounds are played into space, all living things respond whether their outer auditory/hearing makes note of it. Since many around the world are still under the COVID-19/ marches, violence, etc., we are feeling physical, mental, emotional stressors at unprecedented levels. Click here for …