Picking your brain and your pocket

I’m certain we have all done this. Gone and asked someone for their time and advice and asked and asked other questions without giving anything in return. How did you feel about yourself after the interchange? Do you feel used?  Learn to have clear boundaries Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of times we need to ask for information from people for directions or who do you know that I could send this person to…, …

“You can help yourself and the families in Newtown”

I live in Newtown, CT… (some thoughts and how you can help) Monday Dec 17, 2012 – By Nick Ortner – – Comments (9) Published Monday, December 17th, 2012 by Nick Ortner   I never thought in my communication with you that the fact that I live in Newtown, CT would be relevant in any way. Unfortunately, as you know, that all changed on Friday. My brother lives here as well, with his wife and two …

“Fear of living or dying?”

It is very challenging to change how we perceive our reality. So today the thought to ponder is are you more afraid of living or dying? Let’s enjoy being here now. Click here Afraid of living or dying?

At the Core of your Success

In the core of your being is the crucible of your ultimate success. Through gentle develop you can awaken your ultimate physical, mental and emotional roots to health, freedom and service. It is all about energy. http://youtu.be/9D05ej8u-gU