Stop now time to give yourself some lovin: Now put your arms around your chest and give yourself a loving hug. Give thanks for being able to hug. Now everyone give the world a big hug and thanks for supporting us all. The science behind a hug is simple, but its energy is deeply felt. The brain quiets, the heart opens and warmth and understanding unite those hugging. Other ways to hug

Enjoy the moment

“Stay focused in the moment  Constantly give thanks for each breathe  All is a precious gift.”    -M.Wolken    

Decrease pain by

Decrease the focus on your pain and low energy by doing something natural. These little girls are enjoying each other in the park and have forgotten their troubles. These people from all walks of life from around the world are singing from their hearts and in this moment have put their pain and challenges aside.   Thanks to and Farrel Williams

Going home

Never underestimate how great Going home feels. Image:  from  For more images of this joyous event click the link. This little sun bear shows us how good it feels to go home. Going home for us is living in the moment, from your heart and in gratitude for what you all you are given. For biweekly suggestions on how to grow your ability to “Go home and live now without focus on your troubles” Sign …

Pain -cost of hiding love

The more we hide behind our doubts and fears the more physical and emotional pain and tiredness increases.   Unlock the beauty that is you.  You will be amazes how much less anxiety and pain you will have. Speak lovingly from your heart and your world will change. Pain is the cost of not letting your heart lead. Want to learn how to stop the pain ? Leave a comment or share how you overcame the …