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What is Brain Injury?

Your brain controls your ability to think, talk, move, and breathe. In addition to being responsible for your senses, emotions, memory, and personality, your brain allows every part of your body to function – even when you’re sleeping.Brain injuries are often described as either traumatic or acquired based on the cause of the injury. h

Brain Injury is like a puzzle,
all the pieces are there, but they just don’t fit

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a shock caused by an accident, physical and emotional trauma that affects the brain and sometimes by .illness, not of a degenerative or congenital nature.

How can a TBI affect your brain and body? It can make it:

  • difficult to think clearly and quickly.
  • more challenging to solve problems, make decisions or respond properly,
  • hard to move your body properly or speak, normally or control body functions
  • difficult to regulate your behavior, emotions, and reactions.

TBI can be life-changing for both the one with the injury and the family that loves them. These natural therapies can help the injured and the family.

Who is Mary Wolken PhD and how can she help?

For 47 years, Mary works with TBI and traumatic injury patients and their family.  She is a trained therapist, health educator and counselor, researcher and EMT. 

I too have struggled through traumatic pain both old family issues and then a series of accidents and surgeries while I was a full-time parent. I have learned to unwind that trauma and feel alive using these techniques and therapies.
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Mary works with natural therapies like acupressure, homeopathy and nutrition and counseling to reset the stress and pain so the body, mind, and emotions can function normally.

Please call or email me to schedule your free ½ consultation.

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