Tired? Take a break with Mary

You are invited.

Take A Break Mug Showing Relaxing And Tiredness

Go from being a tired Super Achiever

to a calm confident Super Hero

Drop the frustration, overload, stress and

emotional exhaustion quickly easily.


       Introducing the B.A.R. System for Super Achievers

to become conscious Super Heroes.


Free intro call to the B.A.R. system for Super Achievers

Date: Tuesday May 27 at 6 – 7:30 PM PST.


Mary-Wolken copyMary Wolken, PhD., a recovering Super Achiever, health practitioner who has learned the hard way how to relax and speed healing using energy medicine, while recovering from a stress induced hamstring tear.This injury lead to the development of the B.A.R. System a unique proprietary process to identify and instantly release stress, emotional and physical discomfort.

For the last 43 years Mary’s mission is to help Super Achievers become Super Heroes. Eliminating frustration, nervous tension and pain quickly and easily is the focus of her work.

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Is it time to set your B.A.R. higher?


Mary will be introducing her new 4 week training in the B.A.R. System.

Guaranteed to be the easiest program you have ever experienced.

You will enjoy these quick and lasting results. It is a simple but profound relaxing way to help yourself quickly.

  1. Breathing – consciously breathing to focus problem solve
  2. Achieving –  check and choose factors causing stress without emotional overload
  3. Responding – Redirecting stress to conscious positive action quickly with confidence.

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