Beyond trauma – rock and a hard place

Do you feel you are between a rock and a hard place?

stuck between a rock and a hard place 10447128_786279691402842_679525148904150523_n

What ever  happened to:

    • Loving what you do?
    • Getting up every day grateful you do what you do you can’t wait to begin.
    • Where has your creativity gone?
    • Why have fun at work and with those you love?
    • Longing to find a fix your energy so you can help others more?

* 45 years of experience Mary Wolken PhD.


You can easily help yourself, your students, staff and family learn and enjoy being together again.

Imagine your life reading, thinking and moving  easier?

What do pain, worries, and exhaustion cost you?

Seriously, you what can you lose, but your frustration, boredom and pain?


Improve you day before you even get out of bed.

 Free yourself from the cage of old worries or pain.

Free -dom

                                        Go Beyond trauma -the rock and a hard place

                                         Individual and group training available today.




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