Beyond Pain – Mastering Energy 1 Welcome

Congratulations and Welcome!

       Thanks for joining Beyond Pain

                           – Mastering Energy 1 Training


Here is the link for joining the webinar training. Each week you will receive a new link and pre-class  downloads.  It is strongly advised to look these guides over as soon as possible and get materials ready including your handy purified water and writing supplies.

Classes will be interactive. Meaning you will be doing activities during our hour training and I will stay on to answer all questions after class. Classes will be fun, relaxing and insightful for all of us.

I have been doing this work since 1970. It has given me amazing insights, deepened my communication and understanding on incredible levels and accelerated by health abilities and saved my life and those of some of my students.

I am an eternal student of energy and how it works on levels and have come to an exciting crossroads in my research and application that I wish to train you in.

Thanks for joining Beyond Pain – Mastering Energy 1.