Beyond Pain –Mastering Energy training 1

Welcome to “Beyond Pain –Mastering Energy 1”

Learn to create a new world of energy using your own amazing creativity in exciting and powerful ways.  (Sign me up now)

Please accept my invitation to explore how you can:

  1. Release old physical and emotional traumas from the past.
  2. Improve your 5 inner and outer senses step by step.
  3. Learn to read yourself and others like a book to develop calm effective communication and understanding relationships.
  4. Enhance your learning, memory, driving, auditory & reading skills
  5. Clear stagnant energy to decrease pain and improve life success.

Beyond Pain –Mastering Energy training program is only for those practitioners and individuals tired of being slowed down by pain and all the stuff that seems to get in your way.

Ready to create more effective control of your personal, family or client health in the new year.

Guarantee if you are unsatisfied after the first month of training and practice. Your money will be cheerfully refunded.

There are six, 60 minute interactive sessions with Mary Wolken PhD training you.

Normally the cost is $497,  but for a short time it will cost only $297. There are just a few places left.

Training Schedule

Beyond Pain – Mastering Your Energy training 1

Begins: 1/17/17 to 3/11/16   Time: 5:30 – 6:30 PM PST.

     Class 1. ” Getting Beyond Pain – Communication

  • Establishing a state of peaceful focus
  • Getting clear
  • Resetting emotional triggers – easy action steps

Class 2.  Learning to reset our physical stress/pain points

  • Understanding your body signals to help set the energy right.
  • Reset stress before it becomes pain.

Class 3. Reset what we tell ourselves to improve health, and success.

  • What is your story?
  • Rewriting your story for best and healthiest outcome.
  • Fun what does it have to do with this?
  • How to move, speak and respond to deeper unasked questions

Class 4.  What is pain?

  • Can we play to win with pain?
  • Do you have family and society pain patterns?
  • When is pain “a way of life” – can you change it?

Class 5.  Natural ways to increase energy to improve wellness.

  • Tools to amplifying conscious control of your energy.
  • Homeopathy and Chinese meridian system shows how the physical, mental and emotional traits of a person explain what is need for healing.

Class 6. Tools to balance the human energy field.

  • Creating your own energetic remedies
  • Energy Testing to enhance understanding of your sensitivities and strengths physically, environmentally and emotionally.
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