Understanding & Learning how to get mind and body working again.

Trauma can make you feel like you are out of control – maybe a little crazy.

Help Kids change the world

                     Help them learn to take care of themselves and others in a crisis

Often we as adults find ourselves in situations where we wish we knew more how to help someone needing emergency care.  What if the tables are turned and our young children or teens find themselves at home or out in nature or in the city and need to help in an emergency situation?

Would they know how to more calmly into action to help themselves or a friend in need?


We at the Healthy Living Center and Complementary Medicine Association are here to change that.

** We aren’t here to take the place of the American Red Cross, we’d welcome their collaboration.



This is First Aid Plus we will help children and others learn how to calm and center themselves and take care of those who need their care and how to call for help.

Later lessons will include treating the main crises: burns, bruises, bites, stings, bleeding, sudden collapse, choking, and poisons.

All lessons will be clear, geared towards the age of the audience and open to questions and fun activities.



Mary Wolken Ph.D. founded the  Wolken Trauma & Pain Relief Systems.
*Gain emotional and physical pain relief from the first meeting.
Mary personally, and gently helps you reset emotional, physical and mental stress and trauma through acupressure, homeopathy, nutritional support, and counseling.
Calming and positive changes happen from the first visit in memory, vision, reading speed and comprehension, movement, writing, and hearing through neural re-patterning.
Mary also works with the family to decrease caretaker stress. Services are provided in the office, community-based or specific services by phone. Caring for infants, children, and adults.
My system is deeply relaxing, fast, effective, and gentle.
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