Wolken Pain Relief System

Mary Wolken, PhD. is the developer of the Wolken Pain Relief System. Designed over 43 years,  it helps you gain the most emotional and physical pain relief quickly.

Trained in crisis intervention since I was 7 years old, my love helping people reset their physiology after health or emotional crisis has grown exponentially. I’ve always had an “understanding of how to communicate and work at a deeper level with all life.

My masters in cell physiology/genetics helped broaden my understanding of the genetics and energetics of cell life.
For 10 years, I’ve focused my time on helping women release their old family traumas that seem to surface after injury or trauma.

My passion is helping exhausted professional working moms recover their energy and joy by resetting their physiology starting with the Feet First in 90 days or less.



The Wolken Pain Relief System helps you improve your health without the need for most traditional drugs.

My system is deeply relaxing, fast, gently enlightening, empowering and deeply insightful. For my 43 years of personal struggles and research, it has been my privilege, to quickly guide you to your greatest health naturally.

I have struggled through traumatic pain both old family issues and then a series of accidents and surgeries. I have learned to unwind that trauma and feel alive.  But some days the shadow of the pain returns and I’m able to release and reset the stress in this “moment by moment process” to release the pain from the past.

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Blessings & hugs for your healing journey.