W.W. Pain Relief

Mary Wolken, PhD. is the developer of the W. W. Pain Relief.

Helps you gain emotional and physical pain relief quickly.

Trained in crisis intervention at the age of 7, I love helping people reset their health after physical or emotional crisis.

My masters in cell physiology/genetics helps broaden my understanding of the root cause of illness.

Since 1970, I’ve focused my time on helping professional parents release their old family traumas so they can be parents filled with happiness and energy

 W.W. Pain Relief  helps you improve your health without the need for most traditional drugs.

My system is deeply relaxing, fast, effective and gentle.

I too have struggled through traumatic pain both old family issues and then a series of accidents and surgeries while I was a full time parent. I have learned to unwind that trauma and feel alive.  Learn to get relief quickly.

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Blessings & hugs for your healing journey.