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Improve your Brain + Decrease Pain

Learn to improve your brain and decrease pain Click to join Beyond Pain- Mastering Energy 1 webinar Your brain is the seat of pain management and learning. Your body is the library that stores are how we emotionally react in a crisis. Beginning Jan. 10. 2017 at 5:30 PM PST. Mary Wolken coach and stress […]

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Happy face addition?

Be real with how you feel with how you feel.                                                             Putting on a happy face may be the worst thing you can do for your […]

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Fascia – role in pain relief

Fascia -key to pain relief          Probably the least understood part of the body, fascia are found in fluid bands or sheets of connective tissue fibers, that forms beneath the skin to attach, stabilize, enclose, communicate pain signals and separate muscles and other internal organs. Made of flexible collagen structures, fascia are capable of resisting great unidirectional tension forces […]

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You’re built like a superhero

Little do you realize that each of us is constructed with a suit of interwoven fibers that makes us potential Super Heroes. If you look closely at Spiderman’s red body covering you will see the first layer of networking black lines. These protect and give Spiderman his super powers. What is I told you that […]

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Save our earth – a heart at a time

Make every day a better day for you and our beautiful Earth. By doing something to help someone or some thing will help our planet. We can make a better place for all of us by giving. I hope you enjoyed your day and did something to make our world a better place today.   […]

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Stranger than danger-the brain schism

by Mary Wolken, PhD. How many things are you trying to do now?  Stranger  danger Last night, I was walking in the park with my dog and husband enjoying the pond, the night and the trees and saw the strangest creatures I’ve ever seen.  They were unlike others I’d seen before in the park. Human […]

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