Stuck in your story ?

Stuck in your story? Do you let an old painful event hold you back?   Research has shown that no matter how good our memory is.  It isn’t strong enough to recall old events or trauma in full detail. So what are we actually remembering?  More important when we think about or tell some one about what happened, the brain …

Magical hidden beauty

“Gratitude for all these hidden beauties living, loving and  growing quietly, deep in the ocean.  They are like hidden angels that are too delicate to walk our earth, but feed us at so many levels. “ – MWolken 2015   Thanks and  Gladiator33111

Mediterranean music

Today on Relaxation Island© Come enjoy a relaxing trip to the sunny Mediterranean islands. Take time to unwind and refocus before starting a new project or taking a test. It can increase performance, creativity and peace of mind. Music courtesy of and Meditation Relax Club   Do not play this while driving or operating equipment or vehicles.