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Improve your Brain + Decrease Pain

Learn to improve your brain and decrease pain Click to join Beyond Pain- Mastering Energy 1 webinar Your brain is the seat of pain management and learning. Your body is the library that stores are how we emotionally react in a crisis. Beginning Jan. 10. 2017 at 5:30 PM PST. Mary Wolken coach and stress […]

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just start

Just go for it Don’t let pain slow you. Don’t let anyone turn you around. Even if you never never saw anyone do it before. Follow your heart’s dream -go for it!   Take the first step. Write it down as a goal. Spend 10 minutes a day learning about it. Follow your heart’s dream. […]

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Feel the magic of the Dolphin Energy

Do you need a time out? Take a few minutes today with a dolphin and a dog. Before watching this video write down how you are feeling (tired, uneasy, in pain…) Rate how strong the feel is  on scale of 1 to 10 . (10  being the worst)  Now check out the video. After the […]

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Pain Away – Light support

Take a few moments to simply breathe in the Light. Breathe out the pain. (You might try this early in the morning or at night. Just see if the light feels different moving through your body.) Breathe in and out through your nose.  As you breathe deeply feel  your belly filling with light. Feel your […]

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Secrets of pain free walking ?

Want to know the secrets to pain free walking ? Remember: Part of this readiness includes good hydration, proper protection and correct clothing for the activity. There are secrets to keeping your body happy about walking and exercise.  It is called warming up and cooling down those body tissues. Warming up fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons and our […]

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Want the ultimate power?

Want the ultimate power and freedom from pain and uncertainty? Dive deep within. – MWolken 2015    

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Just for today

Just for today I will allow my movement To be shaped by my heart I will not explain or defend I will not apologize or seek to be understood Just for today I will walk softly, speak little, offer what I can Just for today I will let being what I am Be enough. Thanks […]

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How a whale says thanks

Thank you Only two words, but when expressed from the heart carry such light and power. The whale helped by the researchers and family will be forever effected by their generous deed. Those that watch the video also gratefully shared this gift from the heart of life itself. Thank you  for sharing your special time […]

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You’re built like a superhero

Little do you realize that each of us is constructed with a suit of interwoven fibers that makes us potential Super Heroes. If you look closely at Spiderman’s red body covering you will see the first layer of networking black lines. These protect and give Spiderman his super powers. What is I told you that […]

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The best wishes

Sometimes a song can express the heart’s wisdom for a love and caring for each other.m Let is relax your energy and inspire you to lend a helping hand. Thanks YourTube.com and Rascal Flatts

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