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When pills and Ignoring the pain don’t work

Do you just keep pushing no matter what?                          After your accident or the emotional jolt you experienced, the pain is draining you. You are clear about one thing. You just want the pain to be gone. BUT you keep pushing, feeling wired and tired, trying to take care of family, work, exercise etc  until…? […]

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Pain -cost of hiding love

The more we hide behind our doubts and fears the more physical and emotional pain and tiredness increases.   Unlock the beauty that is you.  You will be amazes how much less anxiety and pain you will have. Speak lovingly from your heart and your world will change. Pain is the cost of not letting […]

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How a whale says thanks

Thank you Only two words, but when expressed from the heart carry such light and power. The whale helped by the researchers and family will be forever effected by their generous deed. Those that watch the video also gratefully shared this gift from the heart of life itself. Thank you  for sharing your special time […]

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The best wishes

Sometimes a song can express the heart’s wisdom for a love and caring for each other.m Let is relax your energy and inspire you to lend a helping hand. Thanks and Rascal Flatts

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Imagine - will you join us?

Imagine – will you join us?

Let us try an experiment that last 1 month then invite someone to repeat it with you.   Let’s Imagine  each one of us can change the world one vision at a time. Every day each of us will do and imagine others doing 1 small things and feeling to help each other and all […]

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Save our earth – a heart at a time

Make every day a better day for you and our beautiful Earth. By doing something to help someone or some thing will help our planet. We can make a better place for all of us by giving. I hope you enjoyed your day and did something to make our world a better place today.   […]

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Let’s get together

Let’s get together and sing “One Love” by Bob Marley and feel all right. When you sing, and move your body with those singing today on “Relaxation Island”©, You will feel more energy and have more feel good hormones called endorphins moving in your body. Play and sing along and you will help raise everyone’s […]

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Unwind by the ocean

Take a few moments today to unwind by one of the “Relaxation Island ©” beaches. Remember each time you breathe deep and relax and let your attention wander gently to the beach. Changing your focus will help unwind some of the pressure of the day and raise your creative energy . Simply let go and […]

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Really? Smiling does this?

“Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone.” – Stanley Gordon West A real genuine smile spreads endorphins by releasing the body’s feel good hormones, endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin. Together these three make us feel good, because it engages our heart, mind and the body’s facial muscles. A Real […]

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sleep like lion cub

    This cub has the right idea. He just let his whole body relax and melted into a blissful zone. Sleep came easy after chasing his brothers and sisters around all day. You can relax in the zone of peace and calmness now.  You and your friends or family can unwind together or simply […]

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