Dr. Mary Wolken’s light therapy work

Mary Wolken, PhD., brings you her intuitive heart-centered approach. It is deeply relaxing, fast, gently enlightening, empowering and deeply insightful. Her 47 years of experience, will quickly guide you to your greatest health and prosperity naturally and easily.

Mary uses Light Energy to heal.

All cells and people need to communicate. How do are cells talk to each other?

What makes the body’s communication system run only recently has been discovered. Neurons make these energy connections to run the brain’s¬† communication systems. Light particles -photon light to be exact.

Through  my work with neuro- communication and emotional and trauma release, I have observed that pain decreases as light flows easily through the body. Even in tissue that is scarred, when effective light energy is increased on either side of the scar or wound, healing proceeds. Light is a gentle way to speed healing of both both physical and emotional pain, overwhelm and confusion.