Dr. Mary Wolken’s pain relief system-communication is the key

Mary Wolken, PhD., brings you her intuitive heart-centered approach. It is deeply relaxing, fast, gently enlightening, empowering and deeply insightful. Her 43 years of experience, will quickly guide you to your greatest health, peace and prosperity naturally and easily.

Mary uses the natural energy systems of your body to gain maximum pain relief quickly.

In your body, all cells need to communicate. How do cells talk to each other?

The body’s communication system runs through light energy. This helps every body cell work efficiently.

By utilizing the natural ways the body builds and releases stress and pain, emotional and trauma pain lessens. When light flows easily through the body pain decreases. If the tissue on both sides of the scar normalizes the the scar lessens or disappears.. Gently, through various energy medicines, healing of both both physical and emotional pain, overwhelm and confusion happens.