911 Relief on Relaxation Island

Mary Wolken PhD is the director of Relaxation Island. She has 45 years of experience working with individuals and groups to relieve trauma, pain and to relax.

She loves to work with groups to lead them through Relaxation Island experiences in the classroom or office to increase productivity and communication and decrease stress and pain.

Join our growing family and feel in charge of your life again. Once a month we will meet and unwind together. For Only $25 a month have more energy, relax easier and begin to sleep like a baby.  Stop any time you don’t need more energy. Share activities with your family or class or at an office meeting.

Are you ready to give yourself some 911 Relief.


Ability to relax at will; sleep deeply and getting “Me Time” are the cornerstone of health, longevity and happiness.

Take the first step now; you and those you love deserve it.

Natural care without drugs.

  Get 911 Relief now.  Use the code 911 Relief.

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