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Wolken Pain Relief  – if you’re too busy for pain. 

Stop the pain before it becomes a bad habit.

Your brain can keep sending the wrong message for years to your body after you have suffered an accident or trauma. Learn how to correct those wayward messages from your brain and reset the stress caused your accident or emotional trauma with these Wolken Pain Relief methods.

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Free yourself from pain with the Wolken Pain Relief System to speed your healing.

Wolken Pain Relief System”

Unwind pain and tension easily in 3 steps.

Then quickly get back to your active life again.

Ready  for relief?

Welcome to "Solutions at the Speed of Light"

Mary Wolken, PhD founder of Wolken Pain Relief System




Please take the same care of yourself as you do of others, so you can continue contributing without sacrificing your health.
 Client comment about her work
Jane B.  Creator of Dynamic and Authentic Business Presentations  
“A good part of what I do in my business is mindset shifting. I have lots of tools to help others and myself. But what I needed I couldn’t do for myself. Mary Wolken PhD did more than help me shift things that had been stuck for years: she got me going again in the right direction. Whatever you are doing, whatever tools you have to do it, you owe yourself a session with Mary. Fair warning: you’ll want more than one session. And you and your business will reap the benefits. One of the best things I’ve ever done.”
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