How to create health and a memorable legacy

Thanks Steve Politte for such a beautiful reminder.

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Let the pain – inspire you

For so long many have seen pain both physical and emotional as something to be hidden, forgotten or covered up. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to seek pain out or not to get medical help when needed. When injured stay focused and breathe deeply. Stay in the moment. If someone does […]

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happy children group  have fun outdoor in nature at suny day

Happiness lessens pain

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Angel in the snow

Journey out of shoulder pain -day 6

So it is day 6 and I am determined to unlock this right shoulder  I want to stretch, lift and complete quick movements without pain. Knowing you are guarding the injury site and uncovering why you are doing it can begin to soften the neuro-emotional objections you have developed to releasing the old trauma at […]

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Journey out of shoulder pain – day 4

Confession: I had a melt down 4 days ago. Did to much and the shoulder screamed at me. So I’m averaging 2 to 3 heat and vibrational therapy treatments daily and the acute pain in my shoulder is waning. PT (physical therapist) checked it today and feels I just over did my new stretching exercises, […]

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rotator cuff injury -Gray412

Will gentle shifts give lasting result? Testing 1, 2, 3

This is real folks. about 2 years ago I fell hard on the cement and injured my shoulders and “planted my hands and knees into the cement. I was in shock and after 5 to 10 minutes finally managed to slowly struggle up. -grateful that I could move. Since then I’ve tried many things to […]

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Beyond Mindfulness Training Intro

I met some SUPER teachers and staff including Ms Jennifer Ambrosio principal of Bonillas Basic Curriculum Magnet School in Tucson Unified School District and Sarah Niegocki special ed. teacher on Weds. March 9.   Thanks so much for letting me have such a heart felt fun experience sharing “Beyond Mindfulness” with the staff and you […]

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Feel the magic of the Dolphin Energy

Do you need a time out? Take a few minutes today with a dolphin and a dog. Before watching this video write down how you are feeling (tired, uneasy, in pain…) Rate how strong the feel is  on scale of 1 to 10 . (10  being the worst)  Now check out the video. After the […]

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Sunset silent

Mindfully move toward the light

Take a moment to move closer to the stars within *Relax * Breathe deeply of the Universe of light that surrounds you. Feel your heart lighten. Whether you physically at the end of your day move up a physical path to take in the stars or simply focus your attention on this moving stairway imagine […]

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Hugs and benefits

Is cuddling or hugging needed for our well-being? It is a natural part of our  makeup to help us  survive and thrive. A basic need fueled by affection, feeling good about being around somebody or even by loneliness. Conscious Cuddling strengthens our sense of belonging and it is something we can strongly miss when we […]

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