M.W. Pain Relief for Sore Feet

The Secret to Happiness begins with your Feet
And Why It’s So Important To Your Health

In the beginning, feet were happy and free – kicking for joy – no soreness or swelling. The feet were sending happy messages to the brain through the nervous system of what they were sensing and feeling.

Then they were put in things called “shoes” that looked “cute” but, squeezed, twisted and pushed on the toes and whole foot.

Stress, wear and tear, turns down the sensors on the balls of your feet. These foot sensors help control pain sensitivity, focus, mobility and flexibility by sending gentle nerve messages from the feet to your brain.

Over time with more and more use, your sore tight feet get more stressed, puffed up, you began to feel pain.

Use VOXX HPT socks and insoles to up your energy and decrease the pain.

As a health professional I wear and recommend these products.
I have seen the positive results from these healthy socks and insoles. The pattern that is embedded in the products enhances pain relief and enhanced postural stability and balance, while improving mobility and overall energy levels.

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You are invited to try these socks and insoles.

People of all types athletes, professional moms and dads and people who had some very special needs for pain relief and movement issues were beginning to be healthier and happier, because they took the first step.

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Discover the benefits For Yourself!

Can a Sock or a Simple Insole You Place In Your Shoe do this for you?

  • More Energy
  • Better Balance and Stability
  • Pain Relief
  • Safe and Recommended for Diabetes Sufferers
  • Better Sleep
  • Decrease Exhaustion
  • Heal Injuries
  • Increased Happiness and Mood Enhancer
  • Heal Emotional Pain

Think “Feet First”

Maybe your back hurts. Or you are having trouble focusing.

Maybe it’s hard to pick up your grandchild.

Maybe you have symptoms and pain that you can’t quite put a finger on the cause.

A lot of today’s problems stem from your feet. They are often the most overlooked cause of pain in other parts of your body, they are the “foundation” to your nervous system.

Did you know that in Chinese medicine they can relieve a headache by applying pressure to a very specific area of your foot? Or help with digestion?

Isn’t it mind-blowing that hundreds of symptoms can be eased through the foundation of your feet?

These socks and insoles work in a similar way. Increasing circulation, allowing your feet to breathe, applying the right amount of pressure.

You must experience them for yourself.

I’ve witnessed some pretty amazing transformations in my own family and in my patients. Physical injuries and pain practically disappearing in days. I’ve seen depression leave and moods lifted.

In my 43 years of helping people overcome pain in their lives, I am always looking for the edge that I can use to help more people leave pain behind for good. I have never been so excited about a product as I am of this. It works.Dr. Mary Wolken
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