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Find the keys to calmness using science of natural wellness, with ease!

Find success – find it can start with feeling great, not tired.

Find and listen to your heart’s direction to enjoy the best health, peace and  prosperity.

Here, Mary Wolken, PhD., brings you her heart-centered approach; deeply relaxing and based in kindness, deep insight and intelligence, Mary’s work, teachings and services are the result of 43 years of experience, study and research.

Mary will quickly guide you to your greatest health and prosperity naturally.

  • Discovering core problems.
  • Reducing worry/anxiety.
  • Tackling chronic or current difficulty without tiredness and anxiety.
  • Overcoming overwhelm and exhaustion.
  • Finding your focus, improving your sleep and living with peace and happiness and energy to spare.

Mary’s way to health addresses the unique challenges of today’s hard-working, heart-centered ‘super achieving’ super-heroes…with tools to end the stress over dealing with the world’s challenges, others’ needs, and your own frustrations.

You’re doing SO much – quickly and completely settle in and belly up to Mary’s health bar – a gentle and loving place to get the support and change you need from an expert who cares and knows.

Mary’s superb results come from years of experience, teaching and application of neuro-emotional kinesiology, homeopathy, cell research, and traditional and complementary medicine.

What are you being called to do? 

Just know… it isn’t about pushing.

Mary says:

Pushing on through exhaustion is only over-driving your physical and emotional systems. This constant stress turns your heart’s directing ability to low. When you cannot listen; you are not be able to hear and follow your deepest calling. How can you respond to that still small voice within when you can’t hear it?

By continually pushing and  pushing,  you exhaust yourself.  Your dreams falter.  Life that was once joyful challenge seems filled with burdens.  You want to find your family, health and joy of life vibrant!

Pushing, pushing ahead and pushing through is not worth the cost.  Don’t betray your heart’s healthier gentler way.

Whatever is constantly driving you or your work, the simple changes can easily be more effective.  It is so simple to make sure your health and heart’s direction will help you fulfill and find your greatest integrity and success.

Mary says:

Use your heart’s  communication to get access to your inner resources for the most reliable results.

mom_headshot1Hi, I’m Mary Wolken, Ph.d., founder of the Healthy Living Center.

Since 1997, I’ve been helping hundreds to live fully with their bodies from their heart, in full integrity.

It is surprisingly simple, pure and easy, and I’ve seen so many surprised by what they now know are very natural and easily possible results!

By listening to the deepest part of you, the things you know are stuck, sore, tired or bogged down, I can help you decrease struggle, pain and stress.  Even chronic pain can be changed.  We will turn your current efforts and discomforts into pain-free effective patterns of healthy living.

I love to help people discover the path to improve self communication, and easily find energy, calmness and ways to end tiredness, overwork and pain.

My clients are the super-smart givers, teachers, coaches, leaders and achievers.  The highly successful, who work and give so much they forget to take the same special care of themselves so they can live the rich, successful and profitably happy lives they could.

I want to see you make lasting contributions without burning yourself out.  I want to bring you home to your own best health. I hope that sounds great…it is my blessing to work with you.

You have come to the right place.  The secret is in your heart.

May your love and joyous laughter fill the world. I can feel the change already!


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